The Band

The Windwalkers - Vibrant Latin Jazz

The Windwalkers is a group of six young musicians from around the world playing an experimental blend of jazz, funk, world, and Latin music. Their sound layers the rhythms of Colombia, Cuba, and the Caribbean over jazz beats and funk grooves. This musical project, based in Germany, performs both original pieces and jazz classics.

The Windwalkers' repertoire includes original Latin jazz compositions, incorporating fusion, hard bop and modal jazz, new arrangements of jazz standards, and folkloric Latin American pieces. Let this eclectic sextet take you on an aural journey, from through the steamy beats of the Caribbean to the colorful rhythms of Latin America.


Mario Maradei Gonzalez (Colombia)
Bandleader / Percussion

Neo Stephanou (Cyprus)

Franz Eichberger (Germany)

Fabian Schöne (Germany)

Laszlo Szitko (Hungary)


Marc König (Germany)